Mizan Ahmed
Managing Director

Mr. Mizan Ahmed is leading the Drecier Design House with his the most valuable and dynamic business thoughts. Academically he is a graduate with distinction on merit. He has received several certifications in different arena of business within and outside of Bangladesh.

Mr. Ahmed possesses of more than 10 years of professional and business experience. He has a wide range of business experience starting from high-tech business to open production system. He has a very strong business grip over backward and forward linkage business of readymade garments, and has gained a strong control over production process and management.

He enriches the fashion designing and readymade garments sector by steeping into this filed of business.


Kazi Riaz Hossain

Mr. K R Hossain is one of the director & key resources of our company. Academically he has a pure commerce background concentrating on Marketing in Graduation and in Master of Business Administration with distinctive academic achievement throughout his academic career. He looks after Merchandising, Commercials, and Accounts & Finance.

Mr. K R Hossain possesses around 8 years of business experience in RMG, Banking, International Trade and Marketing. He has his own specialty in customer centric business strategy making, business planning and business management. In his professional life, he has been awarded with several special recognition for his outstanding contribution throughout his professional career.


Arun Bikash Chakraborty

Mr. Arun Bikash Chakraborty is one of the most experienced fellow and director. He has a solid background of commerce in his academic life. He looks after our proactive Marketing & Sales division with his precious knowledge and experience.

Mr. Arun Bikash Chakraborty possesses around 16 years of experiences of different roles in RMG sector, C&F and shipping companies. He has worked in fashion designing, merchandising, commercials, production, inspection & quality assurance in RMG sector. He has also a record of accomplishment in completing several project works under Bangladesh Government sector services. He played roles as director of different factories as well as buying house in Bangladesh. Mr. Chakraborty has his own specialty in identifying customer needs and designing unique product for clients.

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